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About Rhoot

About Rhoot

A little about Rhoot

I began my journey to health and wellness in my teen years. I was a gym rat from the first day I was introduced to a weight set. I continued to learn about fitness and health for many years leading up to the point herbs were began showing themselves to me. Before that, I had no idea the true contrast of mainstream health and natural health. I was offered a book called Sastun nearly a decade ago that began my trek into the world of herbs and natural healing. I had already been a massage therapist for about 5 years at that point so I wasn’t far from the gentle nudge needed to get my mind wrapped around new (new to me anyway) ways of thinking about healing and nutrition. Just a few years ago I started training in Reiki, an energy healing form of therapy. I say this because it lends to a spiritual side of me that binds all of my work together. It is the foundation of everything I bring to the table, yet nothing I believe is simply based on the resonance of faith. Everything I see as true and sensible I can also tie to science in some simple way. So simple, in fact, the constructs are those that most of us learned well before leaving high school. I doubt I will be talking about those on this site, however. My first goal is to help others connect with the earth through the curiosity and playfulness that herbs plant in our minds.

How I found herbs

My gateway into herbs was a small bit of data. While not obscure what-so-ever, the information that changed my life hit me for the first time while reading about another herbalist’s journey in the jungles of Belize. Simply, the text stated that 25% of modern drugs were from plants. I like coffee. I know plenty of people who smoke (insert name of any smokable thing here). Most of us drink tea and eat our veggies. Why did it take a statement referring to modern medicine to open me up? It’s like I couldn’t believe or even take the time to think that healing or damage was happening because of what I put into my body or what I consumed with my mind. I needed something that I was taught to believe as a young person to jump up and tattle on itself. Now, I don’t put down modern medicine. To me, it doesn’t make sense to do so. Modern medicine is brilliant and should be used and respected. We can probably point our fingers at a few bad apples and I’m totally down with shaming some ill intentioned people, but truly, it’s the situation we should find ourselves pushing back against. Meanwhile, let us also arm ourselves with the knowledge of the natural world. A natural world that will give as much love as we give to it.

Why I am focused on teas

I love making tinctures, but if I am out in the brush, I’ve probably been pretty choosy about what I’ve packed. The most versatile solution to any random aliment is going to be knowing the herbs around you and having access to water. The shear simplicity of making a tea is perfect for the woods or at home. Herbal teas are wonderfully creative by nature. Just looking at pictures of them is peaceful. Of course, I will be sharing recipes of tinctures, tonics, decoctions, salves, etc… I just don’t see my future creating these things for retail. I wish to create lovely, tasty, and fragrant teas for everyone to enjoy.

What is my goal with Rhoot

I have been doing web application development for a few years now. I started this because I wanted to connect the modern tech world with the natural world in a way that teaches herbs to those having a tough time finding time to be healthy in the first place. Modern life has all but gobbled us up. We work so hard to provide for ourselves and our families on a most basic level of needs, that the intricacies of fine tuning our internal physical and mental state are not on the radar. If I can take what I have learned as a developer, marketer, and human based design engineer, then blend it with that which I have learned of the natural world to give as many people as I can small doses of herbal knowledge every day, I have completed my mission. I cannot divulge the future plans of Rhoot. I can tell you, however, each one of you will be a big part of other people’s success in mastering their own health. This is the most beautiful piece of herbalism. The community of herbalists, new or seasoned, are all making a difference for each other and for the earth, and it shows.

What you can find here

The Rhoot site will host information for herbs, herbal recipes, and people’s herbal stories. You will also find links to products and resources. Many of these links are affiliate links which means I get a little commission from the sales. These links are how I can continue to collect and share the recipes and other wonders of the natural world. Rhoot is intended to grow into a beautiful gathering of many things natural. All revolving around herbs.

Come enjoy our peaceful online space to read and take in the knowledge. Rhoot looks forward to your nurtured happiness!

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