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Do Essential Oil Diffusers Really Work

I have about 10 or so essential oil diffusers at home. I love them! There are so many to choose from on the marketplace that you can find a style for your taste and any part of your home. There are lots of curvy shaped ones, but I really like the block shaped diffusers as they fit my personality and ... READ the POST

How Herbs Rhooted Into My Life

"I'll try", I said as she handed me the book. I would always get a little impartial when someone hands me something to read. I never finish reading anything and I just knew this would be the same. "Sastun", was written real big on the cover and just above that in smaller print, "My Apprenticeship ... READ the POST

I am Rhoot

Who is Rhoot? I am not an herbalist. I am a traveler. I journey into the herbal realm and it is beautiful! I am not an herbalist. I am a collector. I gather the knowledge of the herbal world and it is bountiful! I am not an herbalist. I am a distributor. I share my experience of herbal healing ... READ the POST