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Energizing Herbal Tea Recipe

Ingredients Needed If you’re looking for an energizing herbal tea recipe that is flavorful, refreshing, and effective, a few simple ingredients will have you on your way. This recipe calls for ginger, lemongrass, eleuthero root, and dried orange peels. When making herbal tea blends, you should ... READ the POST

6 Herbs to add to Tea

The word tea has come to mean many things to many people. There are “true” teas, which are those derived from the camellia sinensis plant, and blended teas which are made from various herbs and plants for both flavor and health purposes. Many blends on the market include camellia sinensis alongside ... READ the POST

Chaga Recipe List

I have scouted 5 of the top trending chaga recipes that look wonderful and I think you'll agree. Keep in mind links on this page lead to affiliate pages or the pages from which the recipes reside. Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) is a fungus commonly found on birch trees in more northern regions of the ... READ the POST