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Essential Oils for Tea

This page hosts some essential oil products that Rhoot thinks are great essential oils for tea, crafting herbal recipes, and enjoying aroma therapy. I have personally used these oils and they are truly fantastic. These are Zongle affiliate links, so if you click a product here, you will be taken to the respective product page on the Zongle. This is just a simple way for Rhoot to keep the nutrients coming in! Many thanks!

Great Essential Oils for Tea

We chose these essential oils for tea because not too many essential oil brands can be suggested for ingestion. There is quite a bit of safety and legality wrapped around an essential oil company’s ability to say their oils can be taken internally and this is for good reason. Essential oils are the potent version of their respective plants. Oils can be dangerous if used improperly, so please, take time to read the suggested instructions for use of each and every product you purchase.

Essential oils like the ones listed below are great for adding nutrients and flavors to any of your favorite teas. You can add drops to a cup of tea already steeped or you can allow your dried herbs time to absorb the oils before steeping. Some oils do not fair well in high temperatures and may break down while brewing a hot tea. Rhoot intends to talk about this more in the future as it is important for the experience of drinking teas infused with oils.

The following links are Zongle Essential Oil affiliate links.

In the following video, Chantal Roelofs shows us how to make an essential oil infused tea blend. Here, she is using DoTerra oils which are an incredible essential oil brand. I have Zongle Essential Oils listed above because I like them, but you can use whatever brand you feel safe and comfortable with.



Did you know that Earl Grey tea is black tea flavored with bergamot? I recommend reading this article from Holistic Health Herbalist about creating a tea using essential oils. She explains it wonderfully and simply the importance of choosing a quality oil to flavor your herbal tea blends.