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How Herbs Rhooted Into My Life

Herbs and Natural Healing

“I’ll try”, I said as she handed me the book. I would always get a little impartial when someone hands me something to read. I never finish reading anything and I just knew this would be the same. “Sastun”, was written real big on the cover and just above that in smaller print, “My Apprenticeship with a Maya Healer”. I figured I better start reading now because if I want to come close to reading at least most of it, I needed to trick myself into committing. The last book I read from cover to cover was a biography of Lance Armstrong, the American road racing cyclist that got caught up in a major doping scandal. I was out to sea with the U.S. Navy for six months. So there’s that.

Inside the cover, she (who had given me the book) had written “hope this helps as you work to carve your path… or… at least… that you enjoy it (the path + book). M”

I Thought Natural Healing was Silly

I had not been interested in herbs and natural healing at the time. I barely understood the importance of nutrition. I began reading. I decided I would read the forward. Nearly to the end of the forward I read a statistic that I swear lit every nerve in my brain. It said it so clearly, “From that one-half of 1 percent (of 250,000 species of plants), some 25 percent of all our prescription pharmaceuticals have been discovered.” Holy fertilizer Batman! This was a number I would never forget and would change my life forever. And oh yeah, I read the entire book.


Sastun is about Rosita Arvigo, a napropathic doctor and herbologist, who travels to study herbs in the deep jungles of Belize. Its there, by accident, she meets a native bush doctor whose reputation she had already known. Don Elijio Panti agrees to teach her how to heal with the power of the rainforest, it’s spirits, and her own belief in healing as the most potent form of medicine.

I’ve included an Amazon affiliate link here in case you would like to enjoy the most influential piece of my journey into herbs and natural healing. You’ll love the read and it’ll help Rhoot grow!

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