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How to Make Essential Oils from Dried Herbs

You want to know how to make essential oils from dried herbs! That’s fantastic! Not only is this skill fun, it reduces the long term cost of buying them elsewhere. You also have more control over what is in your oils. This is major since trusting essential oil companies sometimes takes a leap of faith. There are several methods to creating essential oils and they all require some equipment and know-how. Both of which are generally attainable.

How to Make Essential Oils from Dried Herbs

This first method uses dried herbs soaked in ethanol. The video that I have linked here shows you how to use The Source Turbo by ExtractCraft. This machine is relatively new to the market and has the best ratings on Amazon in comparison to other essential oil distilling set ups. The source turbo boasts a 95% reclaim on ethanol during extraction. This minimal waste helps this machine pay for itself overtime, not to mention you’ll be making your own essential oils.  The setup is the least cumbersome in comparison to other extraction methods. Watch the video and check out the reviews for the source turbo on Amazon. The product link below is an affiliate link and will take you to the Amazon product page.  I would love to hear what you think if you decide to purchase and use this machine.


You can make oils from herbs fresh from the yard

The video below is a wonderful demonstration of how to use a glass steam distiller. This is a pretty cool setup, but I have to admit, it was tough finding this type of product on Amazon that had good reviews. This setup is cheaper than the Turbo Source mentioned above. It looks to be fragile and packaging might be an issue, but Amazon is pretty good about taking care of product issues if something happens during delivery. All in all, a steam distiller that looks like a chemistry set might be a fun choice. Linked below is a glass steam distiller with the best reviews.