Rhoot around for while

I am Rhoot

ginger root

Who is Rhoot?

I am not an herbalist. I am a traveler. I journey into the herbal realm and it is beautiful!
I am not an herbalist. I am a collector. I gather the knowledge of the herbal world and it is bountiful!
I am not an herbalist. I am a distributor. I share my experience of herbal healing and it is restorative!

I am a technician, a developer, a marketer, an engineer. I am the result of modernization.
I am hidden from the sun, estranged from that above me, unknown to the leaves, birds, and breeze.
From here I reach down and out to find what needs to be sent up and for those in need of connection.

This is my place.
This is where I thrive.
I am Rhoot.

I have the strength to push through the darkest places to find nutritive matter.
I have the tenacity to survive where others are prone to wilting.
I have the resourcefulness to find what others aren’t sure exist.

Rhoot’s Purpose

My purpose is to deliver to those that have not yet received… OK OK, enough with the veiled messages.

I remember one of several moments in particular that changed my life. I was reading a book that put a very clear and easy to understand fact in my face. What that fact was is not as important as it’s effects.  From that point on, I loved and appreciated herbalism. It was my gateway.

I say that, to say this. Everyone’s pivotal moment comes at different times and from a different prompt. What it is that sparks interest in a thing is different for every person, but that is the obvious bit. What is not so conspicuous is how to place such gateways in the universe for people to happen across them. This is where I come in. I develop internet technologies and marketing strategies to introduce a new world to people that didn’t know it was available to them, yet when shown, will be not just receptive, but ecstatic about the new discovery.

Now, these people may or may not become herbalists, or acupuncturists, or natural healers themselves. This is not my business. My business is to introduce, using modern techniques, natural healing and the true nutritive value of herbs and food. This, I hope, will bring two major benefits. First, people (that didn’t already know) will learn they have the power to heal themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. Second, these people who now appreciate the natural world are inherently introduced to the responsibilities of being shepherds of the earth.

Ok Rhooty Pooty, how are you going to do what herbalists all over the world are already doing? My focus is very narrow. I intend to reach and teach people with technologies they are already accustomed to using by implementing human based design, gamification, and global commerce.

The method will be common, but the introduction subtle. This creates comfort in trying something a bit new while putting the power of decision making of their health in the hands of those who really own it… themselves.

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