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Kitchen Herb Grinder

I remember some of my early days working with herbs by hand. I didn’t take long before I started Googling “kitchen herb grinder”. Having been a massage therapist for over 12 years, you would think my hands were quite strong, but unfortunately, they were overworked and tired. Grinding herbs with a mortar and pestle was not going well for me. Where was my kitchen herb grinder? I figured there must have been some electronic product made solely for the purpose of grinding herbs.

I found My Kitchen Herb Grinder!

Only, it wasn’t called that. The electric coffee grinder was my saving grace. As it turns out, the coffee grinder was so well fit for the job that no one has needed to make an herb grinder!

I have included an amazon affiliate link here in case you have found this article looking for a kitchen herb grinder. This is a newer model of the one I purchased many years ago. Brilliantly it has held up well!

A Few Things to Remember with Electric Coffee Grinders

  • You’ll have a tendency to grind herbs longer than coffee would have needed. I wouldn’t get to brutal with the amount of time you spend with the button held down.
  • I clean mine with a small handful or uncooked/dried rice. It works much better than using a brush and I don’t get the impression this grinder is made to get wet.
  • Aromatic herbs can leave behind a residue and smell that might transfer over to your next grind of herbs. Clean well or have a few of these on hand to deal with differing levels of dirtying herbs.

I have chosen this grinder from Amazon because of its (the grinder) and the seller’s reputation and reliability. Happy grinding!

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