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Medicinal Herbal Tea Recipes

Healing Tea Recipes & Herbal Tea Blends

medicinal herbal tea recipes

Medicinal herbs have been around as long as the human species. Today, 25% (depending on who you ask) of pharmaceutical drugs have plant derivatives. Before modern drugs, herbs were the primary source of medicine.

Herbs as a medicine take two major paths in the body.

The first, which is the most beneficial, is herbs as a high dose of nutrition. Many illnesses stem from the body’s lack of nutrition. Herbs have vitamins and minerals that are the building supplies your body needs to create proper immunity, brain function, organ function, hormones, etc. The list goes on for what the body does with these nutritive materials. Magnesium is required in over 300 functions that your body conducts everyday. You body is always rebuilding. Imagine for a moment rebuilding your house without nails. That job just became a pain and living without nutrients is forcing your body to do the same thing.

The second major path of herbs in your body is to evoke a function. In this case, we take an herb that contains a compound that forces the body to make a signal and start operating differently. An example is the use of bitter herbs to reduce appetite. Your tongue tastes the bitter and instantly sends signals to the brain that a toxin has entered the body. Your body does associate bitter with toxins, so the current operations of your stomach and intestines change to prepare for something less than optimal for the body. This includes reducing your appetite so that you’ll stop eating.

Important Note: While medicinals like bitters can also provide nutrition, it is not necessarily good to put the body through this kind of stress daily unless the benefits out weigh the stress. Herbs that change the function of your body by methods other than providing building materials (nutrition) should be approached with a professional herbalist.

Now that we have the important part out of the way, let’s get to the fun. Below is Rhoot’s continually growing list of medicinal herbal tea recipes. We will be adding to this list regularly as teas, in Rhoot’s opinion, are the most easy and fun way to access herbs and their nutrients.

Medicinal Herbal Tea Recipes List

  • holy basil herbal tea recipe “Enlighten-mint” Holy Basil Herbal Tea Recipe - If you’re looking for a relaxing, tasty blend that reduces stress while simultaneously improving things like intuition, then this Holy Basil herbal tea recipe is for you. It contains three members of the mint family, one of which is Holy Basil (sometimes referred to as Tulsi). Holy Basil is a sacred plant in India, and…
  • calendula herbal tea recipe “Liquid Sunshine” Calendula Herbal Tea Recipe - If you’re looking for a refreshing summer sipper, this calendula herbal tea recipe is for you. It is light, floral, and slightly fruity. Not to mention packed with health benefits from the addition of calendula. Calendula is a member of the Marigold family, and it’s hard to mistake its bright orange petals. It is commonly…
  • cleansing herbal tea recipe “Cleansing Roots” Cleansing Herbal Tea Recipe - Our bodies are naturally able to cleanse themselves, but every once in a while, it’s helpful to give our built-in cleansing system a boost. Luckily for us, there are a huge amount of herbs available to us that allow us to do just that without having to consume anything unnatural and potentially harmful. Try this…
  • herbal tea recipe for fertility “Fertili-Tea” Herbal Tea Recipe for Fertility - This herbal tea recipe for fertility blend is nourishing, packed full of flavor, and like the name suggests excellent for women’s health. Raspberry is a wonderful herb for the reproductive system, and it is commonly used in traditional herbal formulas for women. Oat straw is another nutritive herb that provides nourishment for the whole body…
  • rhoot energizing herbal tea “Energize” Energizing Herbal Tea Recipe - The Quick Recipe Directions: Blend together one part dried ginger root, one part dried orange peel, two parts dried lemongrass, three parts dried eleuthero. Add one teaspoon of herb blend to one cup of boiling water. Reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Strain and sweeten. If you are interested in adding a few more…