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Rhoot Hibiscus Tea Recipe Hibiscus Sabdariffa

Important note:  you must consult with your doctor and do thorough research before attempting to use any new herb. We are not giving this information in an attempt to offer medical advice. We are not medical professionals. While we enjoy opening people up to the world of herbs, and we do our best to provide valuable insight, our instructions and information may be subject to errorherbs are not guaranteed to be effective, and we are not qualified to say how they may or may not impact your health.


There’s a reason why Hibiscus is found so often in commercial tea blends. It’s refreshing, tart, and boasts a beautiful red color. Hibiscus tea is the ultimate summertime refresher when served over ice.

Some herbalists believe that it may offer support to those who are looking to lower their blood pressure, but you should never attempt to use it for this purpose without speaking to your doctor and getting permission. If you are on blood pressure medications, you should avoid hibiscus as it may have an unsafe interaction. Never attempt to use any herbal remedy as a substitute for proper medical care.

Tasting Notes:

Hibiscus works great with fruit-forward herbal blends as well as with green tea. It’s slightly tart, floral, and packs a lot of flavor while simultaneously maintaining a “clean” flavor profile. A little goes a long way, but the flavor is forgiving and hard to overdo. For this reason, Hibiscus is great for beginners and expert blenders alike.

  • Berry like despite not being a fruit
  • Astringent
  • Bright
  • Floral

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