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Small Distillery for Essential Oils

small distillery for essential oils

I’ve come across a new piece of tech that I intend to try out in the next year. I’m writing about it because I already believe this product is worth having, especially if you buy a lot of essential oils. I hope that I can gain some feedback from users until I can get my hands on one of these machines. The reviews on the Amazon’s product page are quite good considering how new this piece of equipment is so if you are looking for a small distillery for essential oils and you have the pockets for it, this seems to be a great product. It’s called The Source Turbo by ExtractCraft.

Do You Need a Small Distillery for Essential Oils?

The Source Turbo from Extract Craft is a promising way to make your own quality essentials oils. The box even has listed a few things you can extract, i.e. rose, coffee, and hops. Using food grade ethanol, you can extract your own oils from just about any herb. I love this because I like knowing exactly what is going into the extraction process and I know how long the oil has been separated from its source.

Here is an affiliate link to Amazon for a small distillery for essentials oils known as the Source Turbo.

I also found a Youtube video demonstrating how to use the Turbo Source from Extract Craft. It seems quite easy to use so long as you follow the directions as it is not inherently intuitive.


If you want to look at more videos of this product before you buy it, follow this link… . You can see other people using and having success with this piece of equipment, which is why I am so excited to save up and buy one myself!

For a wee bit more information on extracting essential oils from herbs follow this link to our article. –> This article will get updated soon as there are many ways to extract oils from botanicals. Generally, essential oil extraction is labor or time intensive. We expect Source Turbo to make a huge difference with both of these valuable resources!

Email me at and let me know what you think about the The Source Turbo by ExtractCraft, I’ll be sure to share it here so everyone is informed about their purchase.


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