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Zongle Essential Oils

I have come across a new brand of essential oils that claim their oils are ingestible. Zongle Essential Oils. I have already ordered a few of these oils as I wish to give them a try. The Amazon ratings look fair and it seems when the oils are good they are great and when they aren’t… Well, let’s be fair about something ourselves… Any food products that last a long time are preserved. Back when I would eat bread, I actually appreciated when it would only last a few days on the shelf before nature would be like, “Hey, you gonna eat that?”. It meant that minimal preservatives where used. I assume the same thing with essential oils. I say all that to express this simple thought, I’ll be happy trying all of these oils at the risk of buying a few that might be rancid by the time I get them. Also, most of the reviews are in one of two contexts, wonderful or rancid. So far, I haven’t seen reviews where the seller didn’t take time to correct the issue.

Let’s try Zongle Essential Oils

I have collected a list of Amazon affiliate links for Zongle Essential Oils here. These are all of the oils I wish to try over the next few months. If you care to try them with me and help Rhoot grow, follow the links to respective Amazon product pages.

Please make sure you follow the directions provided by Zongle Essential Oils. Essential oils are a pure form of a botanical. They can be dangerous if special care is not taken during use. If you have questions about this product, you will need to reach out to them directly.

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